Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Holidays are Fast Approaching

The holidays are fast approaching! Anyone else feel like October and November crawl by and December doesn't even take a breath as it races past?

I always feel like if I start shopping or anticipating in October, that I will be bored and burnt out by the time the holidays actually get here. I spend weeks waiting for the 'perfect time' to start getting ready, buying presents, decorating, and then December is already here, and gone.

Funny how that happens.

But is still shipping! US domestic shipping is still guarenteed until the 20th and there is still time to order cute presents for the kids you love!

Hand Painted Red Dino sweatshirt

Hand Painted Miss. Kitty gray sweatshirt

Two dinos hatching white sweatshirt (this one I just finished and have not yet listed- look for it coming to Little Pods soon!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Endangered and Handmade

A great new blog has just surfaced trying to help save all of the childrens items that are now endangered due to new laws (see previous post).

You can find it right here:

The owner of the site Endangered Whimsy is Blynken & nod, who can be found at her etsy store here...

She has wonderful items in her shop, my favorite of which is:

In her description she says:

"...This pumpkin is excellent for helping little ones learn how to open and close buttons, tie shoes, and work zippers, bringing them one step closer to being able to dress themselves in their favorite Halloween socks, soccer shorts, Christmas dress, mom's sneakers, and down parka (all at the same time, of course). :)"

So here is to the wonderful artists trying to save all the endangered handmade goods! I am certainly thankful!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured in a Blog

There has been a ton of information floating around on about the new laws being put into place on Feb. 10th 2009... the aim of the law was to protect children from cheap imports that contained phalates and lead. Toys were the main target but by extension, everything that is intended for children under 12 has been put at risk.
This includes Little Pods Clothing Company.

All fabric, paints, wares, materials must be test for each and every product sold. I am not just a seller, I am also a mother, and I worry how this will affect the affordability (did I just make that word up?) of toys that my son loves, or the availability of these toys at all.

If you are interested in reading about this new law and what you can do to help it get amended so it will not put small business owners like the thousands of wonderful artists on etsy, you can look at any of these links. They all offer great information and resources to help us keep fighting the good fight.

In lighter, happier news, one of my products has been feature in a blog by another etsy seller!
Crafts By Candice- who can be found here at her etsy shop...
Her blog, with my feature item can be found right here:
Please check it out and tell her what a wonderful job she did with ALL the featured artists. I am very proud and very flattered.

In other, non-related (but kind of in a non-related way) news, a friend of mine stopped by today to drop off some pictures I had ordered (it doesn't hurt to add that they were pictures from my wedding, three years and some off months ago- and he was my photographer, and I was JUST getting around to ordering them... but I digress).. He mentioned that if I sent him my photos he would help me make them look just a bit more professional (something I struggle terribly with) so I am psyched and hope you will all be on the look out for New and Improve Little Pods photos!

And with that- good evening!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finished Blanket!

So I did it! I listed my first blanket on my etsy site late last night. I'm very excited about it!

Here you can see a close up of the stitching.

Here is a shot with one of my sons little stuffed animals (this one is named 'Scotty') for size comparison.

And here is the blanket all folded up. I turned up the corner so you could see the difference between the all knited side and the knitted and purled side.

I have to learn how to photograph knitting now. I've gotten used to using Sam as my model for my Little Pods Clothing line, and knitting is a whole different creature! Any tips from you knitters/crocheters out there?

I'm also currently looking to feature an artist for the upcoming week, if you are interested- please let me know. I'm not looking for a particular craft, just something that strikes my fancy. All I ask is that when I put up your feature you link to my post in your blog.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She's Baaaaaaaaaack!

I'm back, and ready to get back into the swing of blogging.

I am currently re-stocking my etsy shop, it feels good to be creative again.

I'm happy to report that during my hiatus we managed to succeed at the infertility clinic and are currently expecting our second child, a little girl, in April. Sam is very excited to be a big brother.

On top of being a big brother, he's been a wonderful model as of late (which can be evidenced on my etsy site. . I'm also working on a new line for my etsy store, baby blankets. Eventually I'd like to make baby booties and scarves, but right now blankets are where it's at.

This is one I am working on currently:

I love all the colors and the texture is really fuzzy and soft. I imagine a little girl curled up with this while playing with her dolls or sleeping sweetly in her bed. Funny how creating something from raw materials can make you think of a particular scene in which the end product might be used.

Other things recently added to etsy are some of my Christmas line... here Santa is just waiting to come home to your little one!

I'm also looking to feature new artists on my blog, if you're interested- please leave a note with a link to your etsy shop. Thanks!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rooster Shirt

Just a fun shirt I was working on the other day.

Now taking suggestions for up and coming artists/crafters to blog review.

Monday, April 21, 2008

This was a very eventful weekend!

We had Passover seder's both nights and my sons best friends birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese as well.

This is one of my favorite pictures from Sunday.

In business news: The brick and mortar store I'm in ( has asked me for a line of clothes! We had tried a few different styles and one hit off well, so the owner has asked me to bring in a few sizes of it to see how it does. We're still doing the consignment thing, which is good for both of us.

Along with Danny's birthday present I painted him this:

Okay, the hills are on, and I'm a trash tv addict.