Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Holidays are Fast Approaching

The holidays are fast approaching! Anyone else feel like October and November crawl by and December doesn't even take a breath as it races past?

I always feel like if I start shopping or anticipating in October, that I will be bored and burnt out by the time the holidays actually get here. I spend weeks waiting for the 'perfect time' to start getting ready, buying presents, decorating, and then December is already here, and gone.

Funny how that happens.

But is still shipping! US domestic shipping is still guarenteed until the 20th and there is still time to order cute presents for the kids you love!

Hand Painted Red Dino sweatshirt

Hand Painted Miss. Kitty gray sweatshirt

Two dinos hatching white sweatshirt (this one I just finished and have not yet listed- look for it coming to Little Pods soon!)


Blueberry Junkie said...

I can totally relate to this post. Hehehe, back in mid-November I tought "there's plenty of time...I'll do it later"...and now I'm just stressing much to be done, so little time left!!

TheAL said...

I really like the red Dino! I think my little cousin would love that! :) Happy Holidays!