Friday, April 4, 2008

A few finished products

Today felt like a long day. You ever have one of those days that just feel like they are never going to end? It wasn't a bad day, at all- just really long!

I cleaned the house today, spent a lot of time running up and down the stairs bringing laundry back and forth.

This morning Sam and I went on our normal morning date to Starbucks. He had an apple juice and a treat and I sipped on my favorite drink, a tall, nonfat, (but with whip) white mocha. It is the perfect way to start a day. Especially when my favorite little bff decides to wake a little bit earlier than usual.

I have been having a hard time sleeping- too many ideas buzzing around in my brain. Like for right now, both my husband and my little Sam are fast asleep, but I am here, blogging at nearly 1am, thinking about what I'll make tomorrow.

I finished a few things today...

This long sleeved retro train shirt was hand painted by yours truly. It was a custom order from a girlfriend of mine who I 'met' many years ago online. Her son (like most little boys) is totally into trains, and with his third birthday coming up, she asked for something special.

Another girlfriend also ordered a retro train shirt, different colors.. seen below.

I also took a few pictures of Sam, he is wearing one of the t-shirts I am selling on - it's a bit small on him as he is sporting an 18 month size and he just turned 22 months a few days ago.

The next one is a shirt I made for Sam's friend Danny. (there seems to be a small spot on it- I don't know if it is on the film or if they had already been snacking and it had gotten dirty) anyway, Danny loves to point out the dog and kitty on his shirt.

Speaking of the two of them- they were playing the other day, chasing each other (super cute) on the sidewalk and they smacked heads. They both went down on the ground and cried for a while, but they don't have any lasting damage. Yesterday, all Sam wanted to talk about was 'Nee Nee' what he calls Danny and what Danny calls himself. Oh to be 2 again.


Diana said...

Oh, all of those shirts are absolutely priceless. You inject so much fun and style into your work. I can see how both mother and child would be absolutely delighted in your designs.

Sam is gorgeous!!!

That bumping heads thing is my nightmare. I can't get over how rugged they are, though!!!


Unknown said...

The firetruck onesie is awesome, I love that you make clothes that kids will like as much as their parents!

Unknown said...

I would love that. I'd like to get around to having a section on my blog where I show links to other blogs soon, but it will probably take me a couple weeks ;) Glad to know I can link to you when I get my act together!

ppdesigns said...

the lion shirt is fantastic!! great work on all of them!

Kathy said...

Ha ha ha!! I'm pretty sure that was some sort of toddler snack on Danny's shirt!!!
LOVE your blog!