Monday, March 31, 2008

Custom Orders and the like

One of my favorite parts of Little Pods is the ability I have to fulfill custom orders. When someone stumbles across my site and has a particular design in mind, but doesn't know who can make it a reality.

I've had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for people. Sometimes they had a very detailed idea (such as with the ladybug with sparkle antennae and flowers on the back) sometimes it is very vague (something girly and pink.. such as the dress with the ballet slippers on the back) both of these can be viewed a few entries back.

Today I finished a great custom order for my friend Misty. Her son Dain is totally into trains, Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine in particular. So she asked for a green train with primary colored cars behind him. This is the finished project.

Please note: the model this 4T shirt is on is a 12m to 2T model, hence the draping of the shirt. I'm working on getting models to depict all the sizes I carry.

I've been working on reoganizing my craft room today. I went to buy clear plastic bins for all of my inventory and then slimmer bins for finished projects. It is always exciting to back through everything and see what I have that I had forgotten about.

What tips for organizing do you all have?

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Nature Explorers Family Adventure Club said...

I wish I had some tips. My Mother in Law is coming today, and the craft room is a disaster. I love that I have space for one, but I'm thinking I may just turn in into a nursery as I can't manage to keep it from looking horrific. I've got half finished projects all over the floor.

How do people manage to keep them so clean and cute??? Just look up craft room on flickr -- enough to ruin your day!!!