Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rainy April Day

I've relisted a few items at Little Pods Etsy Store but that's about it. I've been busy getting some items ready for tomorrow.

Oh I didn't tell you? Tomorrow I am going to my first store to meet with the buyer/owner and see if he is interested in hosting some of my items. I don't know what to expect. He told me he is pretty bogged down with children's items right now, and the winter items didn't clear out as early as he expected. He said he is nervous that my items might get lost in the racks, but I figure, I will give it a shot! He's a really nice guy- always nice to Sam, and what's the worst he can say, right?

I am also getting ready to show my items to a gift shop at one of the hospitals here. I'm going to offer to boutique first dibs on any items, and exclusive rights to them. I wont sell them to anyone else, or anywhere else, but to him. If he accepts.

Can you tell I'm nervous?

I made some cute pants the other day for my MIL to give as a baby gift.

Now the baby is up (he is not such a baby anymore, he's going to be TWO at the end of May!! )
So I better go get him.


Charlotte said...

Hi! I just saw pictures of your clothing on your blog. They are absolutely adorable. Keep up the good work

la casita de wendy said...

i love your items! beautiful:)

littlebyrd said...

Cute pants! It is nerve racking to visit the stores, isn't it? Something that I have found that works for me and I've had good luck with is getting an email address for the owner and just sending over a short introduction and some pictures.

Jeni said...

Those pants are ADORABLE! I got my burp cloth yesterday and it is fabulous! It's nice to have something so pretty in the diaper bag and know that it's okay to wipe baby yuckiness on it! Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

i love the popsicles!~

Ribbon Wand Maker said...

Those pants are crazy cute!!

amy said...

You're too funny.

I especially love your little girl tee with the popsicles! It is adorable.