Saturday, March 8, 2008

Craft Fair pictures and Where to buy tags

I wanted to add a few pictures from my craft fair last month.

My mom and my son who came to visit. (Sam is wearing one of my items that I made for him).

Me in front of my table

My table

More of my wares (this picture came out so dark, even though it was bright and warm for Pittsburgh!)

Overall we had a good time and made lots of contacts and did decent in sales.
Springtime has had a lot of exciting things begin. I've ordered baby and toddler mannequins for upcoming craft fairs and pictures. I've added more items to my etsy store. . I've also begun the search for sew in labels and tags for my clothing.

I've recently made a large purchase with the wonderful and kind IheartHandmade who can be found at her etsy shop, I purchased tags from her, which can be viewed below.

She has a great shop, is easy to access and gets back to you quickly. On top of that, she will work with you on orders, ships equally as fast and is just a pleasure to buy from. I highly suggest her for all of your tag orders. She currently is working on listing more tag items, but she also has necklaces, bracelets, wooden pendants and charms in her shop.

Okay ladies and gents, I better get back to my little one


Melody said...

Your table looks great! I haven't gotten brave enough to try any craft fairs yet. :)
Those tags are so cute, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Nice tags... good job!
Your Blog is very nice too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your table set up is really awesome.

Those little onsies are too cute.

I voted too!

Home Hooked said...

Looks like you were well organized for the craft fair! I love those tags too, they look very professional.

Little Pods Clothing said...

For those of you who commented on the tags, she can be found at :)

gush4plush said...

You looked very organized for the craft fair. I've just started my shop and don't have enough product to have a table yet. Love your tags, too!!

take care,

njm said...

WOW! Very impressive!