Friday, January 18, 2008

Exciting News

I am doing my first ever craft fair on Feb. 9th. It's at 801 N. Negley Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15206 at The Union Project from 12-5pm. I'm really excited!

Today I went to Target to buy a few things (bins and a garment rack) I also purchased a receipt collector and a 7 pocket accordian folder as a catchall so I can keep records of what I am spending vs. what I am making and ultimately, what my profit is. Sam (my 19 month old son) was a good boy and we shared a pretzel while browsing. My business cards came from Vista Print (yay!) as did my stamp. My MIL received my things back (EIN number, and whatever else I needed for taxes and such). So things are moving along.

Right now I am working on some button socks, with little handprints. I enjoy decorating socks, because then I can pair them up with cute little matching outfits.

I'm still looking for a decent wholesaler but am having little to no luck.

Other things that I'm working on is a skull and bones onesie as well as a few flower onesies. I will post pictures when I've finished and re-washed them.

I'm still waiting for my first sale on, but I will continue to be patient (okay, sort of patient). Better get back to crafting!

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